ordered by god above to murder in the name of love


2x08 • My dad finds out about this, he will kill me himself. 

Iker Casillas, 15 years at Real Madrid first team 

The keeper debuted on September 12, 1999 against Athletic.


Frank Grillo as Frank Castle/Punisher

It’s a pity that he could not have played Castle.

Do you feel the wrath of God run through your veins? For that is what you are, the wrath of a God, embodied, personified; smirking. A little boy playing with matches, and clay on your hands.
You inhale the smoke, the flesh, your creation;

(if you could, you would burn that mountain down, and bow at the end of your performance;)

you let the smoke fill your lungs, for if you are to die anyway, you will do with love on your breath.

The clay has stained your fingers but you don’t care,

you and that eagle became friends a long time ago.

public enemy prometheus (x)


our marriage


Loooooooooooong dick!


Loooooooooooong dick!

Holland Roden + Sexy Body 

Iker Casillas - Real Madrid First Team 1999/2014 x

The minor fall,
the major lift.

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